My name is Kelly Kao and I'm a 19 year old CCA animation student currently taking a gap year :)
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Are you gonna sell any original stuff?

YES I WILL! I plan on making at least one print for Westbound Samurai and Unearthly Bloom! :D

Forgot to mention that I’ll have 5x7” prints of this painting of Rin :)

Just wanted to let you guys know that I won’t be updating as often since I’m working on making prints for Fanime. All I have so far are the 3 sticker sets, a Bee & Puppycat illustration, and the KLK illustration I just finished…. So behindddddd and I still need to design business cards too ahhhhhhhhh
I plan on selling 11x17” & 5x7” prints, stickers, and possibly buttons so I got a lot of prepping to do gah!

Right now I’m working on a Steven Universe print set! I already finished Garnet and I’m hoping to finish Amethyst today.

If you have any fandom suggestions that you’d like to see from me, feel free to send me a message! I’d love to get an idea of what people are into at the moment :D

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