* ✧ M E G A N E  ✧*⋆ 

  • A zine collab between me and the amazing kellyykao!
  • 32 pages, full color
  • 5.5 x 8.5”

Available at APE 2014 this weekend Oct 4+5 - I’ll be tabling with kellyykao and Mari, both of whom are fantastic artists! If you’re in the area, hit us up for some awesome prints, books and commissions at table 316!

Yes come visit us at APE!!! :DDD

This zine is what I’ve been working on the past few weeks which is why I haven’t been updating as much. It has awesome colourful illustrations by Rollround and my part has development drawings for Unearthly Bloom and other random stuff from my sketchbook! 
I hope you guys will like it <3

Yay my first character design assignment xD

I was never in band in high school so some stuff may be off. Like I just learned that tuba players don’t wear those hats because their tuba would knock the hat over and… choke them o.o” sorry little dude I’ll give you a safer hat later.

[edit] apparently you have to tuck your hair into your hat if it goes past your neck :( I really liked the pigtail girl’s hair TT^TT

I’ll be revealing the artists that got accepted in around a week or two!


Things have been a bit hectic lately because of school and outside projects so I’ll try to get everything organised as soon as I can!

And thank you for all the awesome submissions! I love KLK and Nudist Beach and I’m so happy to make this zine with you all <333