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Apparently my new nickname is “Kelly Korrlok” lololololol

my friends are learning my dark secrets…. 

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I rushed this out in one day only realize it’s not actually kellyykao's birthday.

L…O L ….

Well, regardless, I didn’t give her a present. So happy unbirthday to my favoritest kouhai in the world! I guess these 2095 words of INTENSE FLUFF just wanted to be told, so HERE IT IS.

Also because she gave me shirtless wet Takashi and I :’))))))))))))

Included are my personal headcanons about what went down with Takashi and Rin during Kelly’s Westbound Samurai, along with some ambiguity on WB’s storyline that Kelly told me in private. I don’t own Kelly’s characters, I just sHIP THEM HARDCORE.


At the age of eleven, Takashi was unfamiliar with the idea or symptoms of being in love. He learned about kissing and hugs and affection, not from his parents, but from every day observations in town that he was sure he wasn’t supposed to observe. But it wasn’t love to him, really. Just something that two people did that made him blush because he felt he was intruding.

Takashi usually thought the fluttering in his stomach some kind of bad reaction to lunch, and the way his chest ached whenever he saw (energetic, lovable, adorable) Rin bouncing around to chase a stray butterfly was probably some kind of irrational fear that she’d break her leg. When she smiled at him, when she laughed, when she grabbed his arm or his hand—everything about this talented nine-year-old girl made him feel…irregular.

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My senpai, Yssa, wrote fanfiction for my OCs, Rin and Takashi, from my unfinished story Westbound Samurai!!!!! <3333

This was just too cute that my heart exploded when I finished!!! *swoon* I ship my OCs so hardddddd

To understand what’s happening here make sure you read this post to know RIn and Takashi’s relationship