My name is Kelly Kao and I'm a 19 year old CCA animation student currently taking a gap year :)
Subbed or dubbed?

I always watch anime with english subs but for Space Dandy I couldn’t find the subs for a couple episodes :( 
The english subs aren’t bad though!! I think they picked great VAs :)

I can’t say it’s the best yet until I finish the season, BUT YES IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!! *O*


I have a weakness for sparkly jerks <3

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Rin and Takashi’s new ship name is Rikashi!! Yes I went there…. I GAVE MY OCS A SHIP NAME!!! MUAHAHAHA

You know… I always draw them like they’re a happy cute couple but their relationship is a lot more complicated than that :T 

Under the cut is a little something I put together in case anyone’s interested in learning more about these two. What I wrote is basically how Westbound Samurai starts haha

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lolsup replied to your photo “Cat doodles :P”

pentel pocket?


I use a Pentel medium point brush. You can buy it at any art store I think.
I prefer it over a brush pen because you can be a little more rough with it since it actually has a brush and not a felt tip. The felt tip of the brush pens always wear out for me and then I can’t get thin lines anymore, which has been really frustrating :T
If I ever use brush pens I just get it at Daiso cuz they’re cheap hahaha

Decided to play around with it again after seeing your drawings acutally hahaha

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Spoilers under the cut

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