Introducing my two new lady characters, Elisa (left) and Abby (right)!! :)

I needed a break from Westbound Samurai so I decided to make new OCs for myself to draw haha. I was inspired after watching this video yesterday and then these two girls were born! I’m still working on their character description so I don’t have much info about them right now.

Just know that Elisa and Abby are kinda like the little girls that would beat you up on the playground if you got on their bad side haha. They’re both 23 years old and they grew up together as best friends. I want them to be badass ladies that beat up bad guys but I’m still not sure what I want them to be exactly. I was thinking undercover cops that get the dirt on suspects in the bad parts of town but now I’m having second thoughts…hmmmm

Elisa (aka Eli) is the tough girl that doesn’t like to be messed with. She’s the more athletic of the two and her favorite sport is boxing. Even though she is very intimidating on the outside, she has a nice softer side to her as well that she only shows to the people who are closest to her.

Abby is the “cute girl” and she’s the kind of person that speaks before she thinks. She’s incredibly impulsive and lives life to the fullest everyday. She is an expert in martial arts since she started learning when she was very young. At first it was to learn self defense and it grew to one of her favorite hobbies. But don’t let her cuteness fool you because if you upset her in any way, she will MESS YOU UP!

I basically had “Down The Road” by C2C on repeat while designing them hahaha

Their main tag name will be “Eli & Abby”

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